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Submit a help request ticket

The MSU LON-CAPA support team has adopted a help request tracking system to help manage the support needs of the LON-CAPA community. After you have submitted a question or help request via the online form, you will receive an initial e-mail confirming receipt, followed by additional e-mail as we work to answer your question/request.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ-O-Matic Help system

The FAQ-O-Matic is a compendium of answers provided to common questions asked by users of LON-CAPA over the past couple of years. Answers are organized in topic folders and subfolders. The FAQ-O-Matic is a community resource, to which LON-CAPA users may contribute their own answers to questions they themselves are commonly asked about LON-CAPA.

Request course

Request creation of a LON-CAPA course using our form. If you are listed in CLIFMS as faculty instructor or supervisor, the course will be created automatically when you submit the form. If not, your request will be held in a queue pending your addition to CLIFMS by your department. Additional details.


LON-CAPA can be used to create randomized Scantron exams. For more information, sign up for the next exam training session.
Scantron data transfer form for the Scoring Office [PDF]

Course Management Transition

Courses exported from Blackboard or ANGEL as IMS packages can be imported into LON-CAPA. For more information please refer to the IMS import documentation [PDF].

Mailing Lists

The LON-CAPA mailing lists are e-mail lists to which you can subscribe to receive e-mail posted by other LON-CAPA list subscribers. There are separate lists concerned with administrative issues, general LON-CAPA usage, announcements, and LON-CAPA development.

Training sessions

Report feature requests and bugs

Create an account for yourself in the LON-CAPA Bugzilla tracking system, if you wish to report bugs you have encountered in the LON-CAPA software, or if you have suggestions for improvements in LON-CAPA. Suggested improvements may include additional functionality, improved usability, or changes to wording used in LON-CAPA pages, including the embedded help system.


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