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An account is automatically created in the MSU LON-CAPA system for every student enrolled in a course that is using LON-CAPA. The username is the MSUNetID (pilotID) and the password is the MSUNetID password. When a student logs-in to the system, a course selection page is displayed that includes a list of all LON-CAPA courses in which the student is enrolled (learn more...).


Instructors may request creation of a LON-CAPA course using the online request form. A request should be made for creation of a LON-CAPA course for each semester for which LON-CAPA is to be used, as a separate course (and unique courseID) will exist for each semester (learn more...).

LON-CAPA is an open-source freeware Learning Content Management System, which started in the College of Natural Science and Michigan State University (learn more...). The system started in 1992 with a 90 student physics course at MSU and now serves over 35,000 students per semester at over 100 institutions, ranging from middle school to graduate level courses. Disciplines that use LON-CAPA include accounting, astronomy, biology, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, family and child ecology, finance, food service and nutrition, geology, human environment and design, human medicine, mathematics, medical technology, physics, and psychology. At MSU alone, LON-CAPA currently serves over 15,000 course-students per semester (almost 11,000 unique students). Read more about the usage history at MSU.

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